What's the catch?

There is none.  For $29 per month, with no money down, you'll get a complete Restaurant Manager System. Or, you can purchase it outright with no monthly fee.

Your commitment.

Your commitment is to use Shift4 payments as your credit card processor for 36 months, at better rates than you’re paying now.  During those 36 months you’ll pay the $39/mo. per station.   We also offer a one-time purchase price of $2,500 with nothing more to pay ever!

How it works.

  1. Call us for a demonstration.  We want to learn about your restaurant and give you our thoughts on how our technology and expertise can increase your profits. We want to answer every question you can think of about our products and services, or the restaurant business in general.

  2. Credit Card Rate Determination & Application.  We’ll analyze your current credit card account and make you an offer that will not increase your costs. In most cases we can get you a better deal than what you are currently paying. Once we’ve come to terms on the rates we’ll prepare the paperwork. If you don't fee comfortable you can still back out. You haven't signed anything yet!

  3. Cabling & Wireless Installation; System Programming.  The next step is to schedule the infrastructure work.  We’ll work around your schedule as quickly and cleanly as possible. Simultaneously, we’ll begin programming your menu in our office. 

  4. System Design & Menu Completion.  Our favorite process is to find an out of the way spot in the restaurant where we can stash a computer for a few days.  We’ll install one machine and get the system setup on it.  We can remote into this computer and, at your convenience, go over some of the details.   This is where we need your help.   We’ll need to work with someone who really knows the menu and what customers ask for.  It won’t take long. We do all the work. You just answer our questions.  During this time your staff can play around with the new system.

  5. Installation & Go Live.  After you close or before you open we’ll come in and remove your old system and install your new one.  We will stay with you all day to make sure things go smoothly.  After that, we’re only a phone call away if you need us for any reason.

  6. Post-Installation Support.  It takes about 2 weeks for a new system to “mature”.  This means that during the first 2 weeks you’ll have questions and need to learn things.  We fully expect to be talking to you and will be standing by.  Over the first 2 weeks we’ll show you everything you need to know, including making menu changes, running reports and more!  Of course, you can still call us anytime afterward for quick answers to your questions.

What we do.

  • Infrastructure Setup (Cabling, Wireless, Network)

  • Menu Programming

  • System Configuration

  • Staff & Management Training

  • Provide 24/7 Live support (from us, not a call center!)

  • Lower your credit card rates

  • And with the lifetime warranty & free upgrades, you’ll never buy another POS computer or pay for POS software again.

Restaurant Manager

Only $29/mo.

Hardware Included.